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Problem with deposit from Wallet to Bitfinex
« on: December 07, 2017, 05:57:23 PM »
Hello Friends,

I am a kin of Iota newbe and I got trouble with some of my first transfers. I Bought some Iota on Bitfinex and I have sent it to my Wallet (Light Wallet 2.5.4. - IRI

When I wanted to send them back a few days later I got some trouble.

- My Sendig to Bitfinex did not get confirmed from my Wallet. I Reatached and rebroadcastet a few times. After some time in Google I found out, my Internet connection was to bad.

- One day late I went to a friend with better Internet and a better PC. I opend the Wallet after Installing it an after 3 reatachements it was confiremd.

- I was happy. But now, 36h later there is still nothing on my bitfinex wallet. I have checked the adresses twice.

Is there a problem because of the othe unconfirmed transactions or did I wrong at some Point?
For the iota watch the adresses:

sending adress

receiving adress


Please help me. Did I make a stupid failure?

Thank you in advance