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    • June 26, 2017, 03:57:28 AM
IOTA solves all the old blockchain problems, it's amazing that it's Ranked 8th? Are people that loyal to old, slow blockchain tech with expensive fees? Or do they just not believe that IOTA will work? I've been hearing a lot people argue that IOTA hasn't been tested so it's unproven. Every single crypto except Bitcoin & Ethereum haven't been tested, and I'd would say bitcoin and ethereum got D+ for their test performance. All other crypto's like Dash, are a joke, they're basically a copy and paste of Bitcoin with 1 or 2 new features. IOTA is an completely new design, built from scratch, a lot of hard work, and thought went into creating IOTA to solve the blockchain problems that all crypto still have today. IOTA deserves to be #1. Its already proven to be most evolved cryptocurrency at of all the other cryptocurrencys combined, by fixing all the real problems that blockchain has today!

There are a lot of people trying to spread FUD about IOTA, but that's because they are insecure, and deep down they know IOTA is coming, and they're very afraid that IOTA will make blockchain obsolete. These fanboys are dangerous because they spread FUD far and wide on the internet. Trying to prevent forward progress for IOTA, they would rather see slow, expensive fees, that can't scale, then to see IOTA pass them in ranking.
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Re: IOTA has proven to be the most evolved cryptocurrency out there.
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I think IOTA is defiantly a game changer. Once added to most exchanges the price will start to increase further